My life hasn’t always gone to the dogs. Being raised in a small town in Germany all I wanted to paint was horses. But dogs were part of the family when I grew up. My dad trained hunting dogs and we had a succession of loyal German pointers and dachshunds. My fondest childhood memories include my adventures following them into the woods surrounding my home town. Their watchful eyes allowed me the great freedom to roam which my parents might not otherwise have granted me.
Since dad’s obsession with dogs did not include the more mundane part of the human canine relationship like cleaning up after them, mom balanced his lopsided devotion with open criticism. Up to this day I’m torn between her view of dog as a constant inconvenience and his emotional all consuming love.
I continued having dogs by my side, finding the best of them at shelters, not turning down the occasional stray cat (homage to mom). Currently, I live with my Greyhound Poppy Seed and Tabby Cat Mika who give me great joy and not too much to clean after.

I hope you’ll enjoy some of my postings and I invite you to share your stories about the furry loves in our lives.

Comments about my paintings:

“With her larger than life paintings of our most common animal companions Gabriele asks us to look at the deep and intimate bond between person and pet. Painting her subjects from photographs and memory, Gabriele draws on her life-long love affair with our furry family members. As she replicates a gaze, we are drawn into that elusive moment of contact across the species.” -Mary Wings

For more information about custom pet portraits please contact

ipaintyourpet at gmail dot com


11 responses to “About

  1. I love your work! Especially the large work, super!! Is there a way to get your blog posts in my email? I would like to follow your work. I paint a lot of horses and more and more dogs. The Bernese Mt. Dog I see in one of your paintings looks so much like our Belle.

  2. I love your work, do you teach workshops, or do you have dvd’s or a book out with your technique? Thanks Suzy

  3. How can I get you to paint one for me? Liana

  4. Very interesting site, with interesting articles. Best regards and good luck in the writing of new and better products.

  5. Your artwork is amazing. I too am a lover of dogs and cats. I only wish their life span was potentially as long as ours. I currently own a fat half beagle / dachshund and a black cat I named Skit with a very cool personality that just decided to move in one day when she was a kitten. Drew Franklin, Austin Texas

  6. I’ve just been admiring your beautiful work on your website. That boxer canvas is huge and very beautiful.

  7. How can I order a print or copy of one of your portraits?


  8. knowledgetoday

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  9. Wonderful paintings girl. Your writing and stories are equally strong. My first dog was a Dachshund named Pretzel.

    She was sweet and cute as a puppy but fat and spoiled as an old lady. And she would snap at anybody’s hand who got near her food dish.

    Now we have a little Thai mutt with bull terrier jaws and a giant heart. He loves dirt and chicken but not in that order.

  10. Shirley Lustig

    Great blog. Interesting content. Worth looking at every day…if you love dogs, that is. And who can resist. Thanks for giving us this treat.

  11. Debbie Gallo-Young

    You painted Cody & Boomer for us a few years back…we continuously get comments on the pics…you’re such a talent !!

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