Is This the Dog for Me? Weimaraner and Labmaraner

Weimeraner copy

Check out the link on this site or your local rescue group for adopting a rescued Weimaraner.


The Weimaraner was bread in Germany over one thousand years ago and is kin to the German Pointer. Some claim it is discernable in a 17th century painting by Van Dyck. It was used for big game hunting until big game declined. Treasured in the 19th century by the aristocrats of Weimar, Germany, it was then and now popular for hunting small game, and, because of its soft carrying mouth for water fowl. It has Bloodhound and Pointer blood and is still used as a working dog.


Weimeraners are strikingly beautiful dogs with a strong boned build, light amber eyes and a sleek short coat of silver to mouse gray. They can reach heights up to 28” and weigh between 60 and 85 lb. Not in need of extensive grooming, once a week brushing keeps the coat shiny.  Shedding in minimal.

Although more rare, the longhair with a smooth or slightly wavy coat up to 5″ long needs more grooming attention.


Weimaraners need thorough training and regular and extensive exercise. This is not a city dog. Sufficient space, a fenced yard, and lots of human attention will make them excellent companions as they are all-round dogs who love family life. They are friendly, intelligent and energetic but, with their vigilance, make excellent guard dogs if their home or family are threatened. Because of their dominance, they are not recommended for first time dog owners.

Overbreeding has let to temperament problems such as aggression and separation anxiety in some lines. Lack of exercise will make them aggressive and difficult and can lead to destructive behavior.


Weimaraners are affected by the usual canine problems but with no great frequency. They are, however, prone to two more unusual problems: spinal dysraphism which is a severe though non-lethal condition, affecting the gait and giving an unusual stance which resembles a crouched position. Ear infections are easily acquired due to the drop-eared conformation.

Related Designer Mixes:

Recent designer dog mixes have produced the Labmaraner, a cross of a Labrador Retriever and a Weimaraner. This breed is an outdoorsy, fast, agile breed not meant for urbanites. They need good management which can be trying because of an underlying stubbornness. Consistent training and tough regulations are needed to keep the peace in your house.
Labmaraner can weigh from 50 to 100 lb and their coat color ranges from dark gold to pale cream, black, and chocolate.

LabmaranerLabmaraner (photo by Anna Kuperberg)


20 responses to “Is This the Dog for Me? Weimaraner and Labmaraner

  1. We have have Lab/Weim mix and he is now 5 years old. He was very active until this January. He is limping and seems to have issues with his front legs. He now finds it difficult to walk. Has anyone seen similar issues? I have had his X rays done but nothing conclusive as well as blood work.

  2. yes hi my son just adopted a 2 year old labmaraner,he is very loving ,but has separation anxiety,and barks constantly any suggestions

  3. Our adored shepherd mix dog of 14 years just died this week. I’m heartsick, and the only thing that is sort of perking me up is the idea of adopting another dog. Lady Jane shed a lot. I think a year from now I’ll still be finding her dog hair around the house. What’s the grooming like on a labmaraner. Do they shed a lot?

  4. So many of you have said you recently adopted a labmaraner. I’ve been searching and searching online and I can’t find any breeders. I just lost my 9 year old lab/weim to kidney disease. She was my best friend and the most amazing dog. If anyone has recommendations on where I would be able to find a lab/weim reputable breeder when we are ready to adopt, please share.

    • Hi Jamie, I just got me 2 puppies from a friend that breeds them. OMG I love this babies like they are human. Let me know if you are still looking, I can pass on the name & number of the breeder.

    • I have a 6 year old black field lab that I run in agility. Today, in the OKC newspaper, there is an ad for lab/weim hybrids. I talked to them and am very tempted to see if this will be my next agility dog. If you are looking for one, they have 4 left.

  5. We adopted a labmaraner 3 months ago 18 months after our family dog died (16 years) we never thought we would ever be able to replace our faithful family dog but how wrong we were. He is 3 extremely handsome, playful, well behaved and adores being around people. He needs lots of exercise, two good walks a day but that keeps us fit!!
    He is so loving , also highly intelligent and would recommend this cross to anyone wanting a family pet. We get stopped on a regular basis from other dog walkers to admire him because he is so well proportioned and handsome. He has the nature of the lab without the the weight problems and the stance of the Weimar

  6. we just adopted a 5 month old labmaraner and his temperment seems to be very different from what I have found in my research. He is and extremely fast learner and very sweet but is extremely timid and not very active at all. Seems strange for a 5 month old. I feel tha the may have been mistreated by previous owner besides the fact that him and his brother were dumped. He scares very easily and is absolutely terrified if he does something wrong. being our first dog…I am not sure if there is anyting that we can do to help perk him up. Outside of being so sedate he is a pwrfect dog for us…he certainly seems like he apreciates the abundance of love.

  7. I have just adopted Jasper a 3yr old Chocolate Labmaraner with beautiful amber eyes – really playful and as soon as the lead appears we are on playtime. Just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has put comments up as it has given me loads of ideas of how to make this work for us both. Lots and lots of exercise ahead!! He is amazing with children v gentle and lets them do anything they want but this is his 3rd home already due to illness in his original family and the separation anxiety is definitely there plus a rather protective approach to food but being aware of the inherited aspects of his bonding with me has been really helpful, thank you 🙂

  8. I just adopted Tucker, a 2 month old, and had no idea that being part Weimaraner and part Lab made him a designer dog. All I can say is he is the smartest, most affectionate dog I have ever had. Crate training is going very well and I feel confident that he will be a wonderful addition to our family. Fortunately, I run so he will be my companion on the trail as well as my husband’s work buddy. He was starved and abused but rescued along with his litter mates. I am not even sure how much of each breed he actually is. Why would anyone have registered dogs and turn around and abuse them? Anyway, he is a jewel. D.Williams

  9. My fiancé and I just adopted our Labmaraner yesterday. Whiskey is about 8 or 9 weeks old and is a beautiful chocolate color. Loves his camouflage bed and is always up for a walk. I have owned alot of dogs over the years and Whiskey is one of the best. He and the cat have their differences but get along for the most part. My fiancé wanted a chocolate lab and I was looking more for a Weimaraner… Then we came across Whiskey and he solved our problem.

  10. I love my dog. Her name is Brandy. She´s 8yrs old and she has a gr8 personality. She doesnt seem to like other dogs too much though and she likes to be sorrounded by peolple. Super social dog.

  11. My husband and I adopted our Labmaraner Stoick last March (2011). He just turned a year old this January and is still very much a puppy in every way except his size. He is great with our 3 year old, and always has been. They are like brothers. They play and run and even wrestle. Stoick is very gentle with him and we have never had any problems with his behavior in that area. He listens well but has a ton of energy. He is a great house dog, but keep in mind with all the extra energy come restlessness and I have found that walks or playing outside at least twice a day cures his urge to destroy anything when left alone. He is great with cats and other dogs. Of course he does not realize that he is 10x their size.. but either way he plays well them. He learns well and does many tricks. He picks them up very fast and tries to train us. I would definitely recommend this breed to anyone who wants a big, playful, fun, loving pet. : )

  12. Hi, Rachel:
    You might try speaking to someone at the nearest veterinary medical school. All of them have psychologists specializing in dog issues. There is a great one in Grafton, Massachusetts, Tufts Veterinary School, which provides such services. If you are not near it, I’m sure they could suggest a school in your area or perhaps one of their graduates practices near you. Zoe is obviously already suffering from two losses; it would seem unfortunate to add another, the loss of you, to her situation. Perhaps another calmer or older companion, perhaps a rescue dog would help her relax? Do you have a fenced dog park nearby or perhaps you could start a playgroup or find a neighbor with a calmer dog to join you in your walks or even doggie day care once a week if you can afford it. I hope you can avoid another sad experience for her. At this point, you are she has left!
    We have a six-month-old labmaraner (Grey Sea — pronounced Gracie!) living next door. She is a spirited but loving and very bright girl, but she does have her own ideas of what she wants to do, one of which is that she likes to sneak over to our porch to sit with me, preferrably on my lap! We bonded the day she arrived and she just enjoys visiting — after all she knows where she is! Every year for the last three years we lost one of our Lurchers. They were lonely for the other each time one died and Gracie seems to know how much her presence & silliness cheer me. I think Zoe will
    recover from her losses as will you. Good luck, Please let me know if you find a way to help her. we are trying to decide if our next dog willl be a labmaraner, or a Newfie or a Lucher. We have had several of the latter two in the past.
    Judith Snow
    Winthrop, MA

  13. We have Zoe, a 2 yr old labmaraner, she is such a sweet girl but we are having some difficulty with her and are not sure what to do. we used to have land and another dog and she was wonderful. We feel on hard times and lost the land and shortly after our 11 ur old dane passed away. Zoe had been effected greatly. She misses her companion as well as room to run. We don’t know what else to try. It’s been a year and it’s not getting better. We are considering finding her a more suitable home….. Any advise?

  14. We adopted Gabe when he was a puppy at 4-6 wks. old. He is now almost 9 mos. After much research, we believe he is a chocolate labmaraner. Gabe is very energetic and loving but he does have that separation anxiety!! He bays when he sees people outside the window or when a stranger pulls up or knocks on the door. He does not bark very much at all. But bays at those times. Do other Labmaraners bay?

  15. I bought our Labmaraner ‘Josh’ as a family dog, his mum is a chocolate Lab and his dad is a mink Weimaraner. He is 4 months old now, has boundless amounts of energy and can be a real handful, but at the same time he is TOTALLY adorable and such a handsome fellow. I agree with Kim about the seperation anxiety her dog Kingsley suffers from, Josh howls when left and becomes destructive if he is alone for long periods. I think this in the Weimaraner part in them, Josh’s dad is a pain when alone left too. This is the only downside though, he is such a loving, loyal and friendly dog, he gets on OK with the cat and other dogs and loves to play! I would highly recommend this hybrid for active familes with lots of love to give. Whatever you invest, you get it all back 20 fold!!

  16. We adopted a labmaraner last year and I have always had a labs growing up. Riley is one of the best dogs I have ever had, I think the mix of the breeds makes them very sweet. Riley loves being the center of attention and loves cuddling and sleeping all day on the couch, but as soon as he sees his leash he is ready to go. He is also learning to pheasent hunt, hes been doing well he stays close and flushes out pleanty of birds. I strongly recommend this mix breed.

  17. I adopted a labmaraner 7 months ago and while he can quite a handful, I don’t regret the decision one bit. Kingsley is about to turn 1 and he is an extremely high energy little pup. He has a severe separation anxiety issue and becomes very destructive when left alone. To counter that I take him for at least two long walks everyday, one before I leave and when I get home. I definitely agree that this dog breed is not for people who don’t have a lot of time and energy to exercise their dog. But you get back everything you give these dogs in spades. They are incredibly loving, playful and loyal dogs.

  18. My husband and I just got a labmaraner. He is absolutely gorgeous and has a lot of energy. Having him is just like have a baby. Bear is going to 3 months on the 22nd of this month. He is quite large now and I am glad because I like large dogs. He does seem to be getting along with the cat as well. Bear is black with the amber eyes. I do believe this is the best dog I have ever had.

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